EXHIBITION EXHIBITION CATALOG BIOGRAPHY Zalez is a French painter / stencil artist. Lives and works in Toulouse. Zalez, Street artist graffeur and stencil, is a hyperactive always in search of novelty. He studied Design, Architecture but also Fine Arts. He tried graffiti in a group called “Zone Approved Libertarian Educated”.…

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ArtistJM Robert

JM Robert

EXHIBITION EXHIBITION CATALOG BIOGRAPHY JM ROBERT began painting at a very young age, imitating the effects of patina, soiling and degradation that he observed on the facades of buildings. After completing studies in Arts and Crafts in graphic design and settings, where he learned the professional techniques of the trompe…

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Artistjoachim romain english

Joachim ROMAIN

EXHIBITION BIOGRAPHY It is from advertising posters that Joachim Romain designs portraits through which he questions the life cycle of the poster. Thus, his work at the Origin is a series of photographs which treatment (tearing, cutting, adding, burning) transform them into unique works that sometimes take the form of…

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ArtistFlorent boisard english

Florent Boisard

EXHIBITION BIOGRAPHY Grandson of the famous architect and decorator Gustave Gautier, Florent Boisard who was born in Montreuil, first lodges in Paris at Dina Vierny the museum of Maillol, bathed in an art world in surrounded with sculptures of the artist. Florent studied successively in several great art schools: The…

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Artistsebastien mehal english

Sébastien Mehal

BIOGRAPHY Engaged alongside the real estate players for the renovation of vacant places in the context of a transitional urbanism, Hanna Ouaziz, director of the TEODORA Galerie, reflects the notion of “Poetic Habitat of the World” by Friedrich Hölderlin (who inspired the name of her agency H.Art). In the FIAC…

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Artistpierrick allemand english

Pierrick Allemand

EXHIBITION EXHIBITION CATALOG BIOGRAPHY Pierrick Allemand first studied in Montpellier, then Toulouse, and Barcelona. The artist is therefore very far from the pure expressionism of the North. Then, he specialized in the old-fashioned fresco, a complex technique generally practiced in large dimensions. At the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona…

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ArtistIsabella Nazzarri english

Isabella Nazzarri

BIOGRAPHY Born in 1978 in Livorno in Tuscany, Italy Lives and works in Milan, Italy ARTWORKS SELECTION ABOUT THE ARTIST Personal exhibitionsGroup shows 2018 Monopoli Gallery, par Arianna Baldoni, Milan, Italie Fondazione di Sarro, par Ivan Quaroni, Rome, Italie 2017 Clinamen, par Daniele Capra, ABC-Arte, Gênes, Italie Contemporary Patterns, par…

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ArtistSimone Geraci english

Simone Geraci

BIOGRAPHY Born in 1985 in Palermo, Italy Lives and works in Palermo. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. Painter, engraver and illustrator he collaborates with national galleries. Since 2015 he is artistic director of the publishing house “il Palindromo”. ARTWORKS SELECTION ABOUT THE ARTIST Personal exhibitionsGroup…

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ArtistDaniel Mohen english

Daniel Mohen

BIOGRAPHY Born in 1945 in Arras, France Lives and works in Nice, France ARTWORKS SELECTION EXHIBITION ABOUT THE ARTIST Personal exhibitionGroup shows 2017 Chapelle de la citadelle Saint-Elme, Villefranche-sur-mer, France 2016 Paysages ostréicoles, Citadelle du Château, Oléron, France 2015 Mise en oeuvre de la peinture, Teodora Galerie, Paris, France Publication,…

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ArtistMarc Duran english

Marc Duran

BIOGRAPHY Born in 1960 in Sète, France He lives and works in Sète, France ARTWORKS SELECTION EXHIBITION PRESS ABOUT THE ARTIST Personal exhibitionsGroup shows 2017 Marc Duran, Brenners Park-Hotel, Baden-Baden, Allemagne 2015 In vitraux Veritas, Teodora Galerie, Paris, France La Pop Galerie, Sète, France 2014 Confession d’une révélation tardive, Teodora…

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